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Back Side of Demo Closed!

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I was out on Demo last week and noticed, that the path to the back of Demo was fenced off.

I called the park office and was told it's a combination of things.
1. There's a mountain of soft sand as you make your way to the back side, park officals were getting stuck.
2. The backside (over by the rocks) has some bad flooding.
3. A few sink holes developed.

They should have a progress report on the situation by late next week.

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Sore Thumb & Gilgo are definitely open

Went out both Sat and Sun to Sore Thumb, Gilgo and Demo. Demo was definitely the worst out of the three. Bad flooding going in and back side closed off. Gilgo was very flat. It seems like the middle plateau is gone but it is very firm sand overall. Thumb is amazing. Hard Packed sand all the way down the access rd. Packed very very well except for the first left turn (why they worked everything else and not that turn is beyond my comprehension - last year that was the dead zone and it doesnt look much different. The sand on the shoreline is somewhat firm and very driveable but there is alot less beach than there was last year. The access rd that rides west towards gilgo will be heavily used. The sand off to the left by the rocks is very soft but still very driveable. The only action I saw both days was a seal that popped his head out of the water about 15 feet in front of me and scared the ever loving crap out of me. He popped his head up - checked me out then went under. I called to wifey to get the camera and the seal was gone. She thought i was pulling her leg until he popped back up around 50 feet down beach. We drove down to him and got as close as the picture below before he rolled and said goodbye. (yeah i know its small and it looks like a bad loch ness photo but i swear its a seal) At least she doesnt think im crazy now. Either way - to answer your question... sore thumb and gilgo are open and looking bueno.

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