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Hi Al,

I got a quickie for ya. Whats the deal with that Sport Fishing Education Center located in Babylon? Is it mostly for youngsters? Or is there something there for everyone?

Someone was telling me that they were looking for voulonteers? Are they? If so for what?

Can you shed some light? Sorry, I guess it may not be a quickie after all!

Thanks again for EVERYTHING,


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Sportfish ed center ....

The center is really for everyone, experienced angler or beginner. We currently have a display of antique spinning tackle in our "museum."

The aquaculture facility contains striped bass, fluke, flounder, 'tog, sea bass, etc. as well as many other interesting creatures.

Cornell Co-op is running a day camp this summer and we also have other events planned.

Several seminars will be held ranging from lure making to shark & tuna fishing.

Volunteers ARE NEEDED to help with all aspects of the center. If you would like to help out, contact me by email or phone.

Help us bring this educational facility to the levels that we envision it!!!!

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Volunteers Needed

Here is some additional information regarding volunteers needed.

"Volunteers needed:

The New York Fishing Tackle Trade Association is looking for volunteers interested in assisting with the operation and maintenance of the Sport Fishing Education Center and Aquaculture Facility (Cedar Beach Marina,Babylon, NY).

Volunteers are needed for:

1) Maintenance and care of the Aquaculture facility and animals.

2) Staffing (maintaining hours of operation), includes weekends and holidays

3) Gift shop sales, museum and library maintenance. (Includes inventory control and registration of acquisitions and possessions.)

4) Educational volunteers (includes fishing related activities and/or marine education)

5) Clerical and secretarial assistance. Includes assisting with
newsletters, press releases, informational literature and letter writing.

6) Assisting with Fundraising projects and promotional activities.

7) Grant writing

For further information or to apply for a volunteer seminar, call Jack Ferrera at (631) 587-2873 Monday thru Friday 10AM-2PM"

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Hello Somoan,
It was nice chatting with you the other day and thank you for bringing this topic up!

Hey Jack,
Thanks for chiming in buddy and I know you got a lot of work cut out for ya! :)
The truth of the matter is… with you involved, The Sportfishing Education Center is in good hands!!! I am hopeful that we can get a few volunteers to assist in this very important project! Also, give me a buzz when you can! ;)

Yo MakoMagic,
It's good to see good people like you getting involved and thank you for posting the detailed volunteer duties! :)

I just want you all to know that this center was created for fishers like you!
We now have a home where we can meet, educate, play and promote this wonderful sport! I encourage you all to get involved because this center really needs our help!

So, go on, give Capt. Jack a call and tell him ya care! :)

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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