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Avet Freespool Video

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Was just on the Charkbait site and watched a video of an Avet LX spin in freespool for 4 minutes.

Seemed pretty incredible to me. Check it out. I wish they made that LX in a stardrag model. I now have two SX on the way.
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Great looking reels lets see how they hold this coming season
I got a SX,JX,LX and have a EX 2speed
on back order.

If you can get to Brooklyn
N&S CORP 718 922 9708
has super prices the only thing is cash and carry only
Example SX $145 out the door.
Parking is safe N&S it's in the industrial park at 238 Junius street.
Call him first see what Avet have sent him
It seems Avet is behind in putting the reels out.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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