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Attn: Parker Sport Cabin Owners

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A few of us want to set up a website to share pics, meet other owners & possibly organize a rendezvous. Email me a few pictures of your boat, and write a quick blurb about who you are/where you fish, and contact info (email) for inclusion on the website and as a point of contact for any upcoming events.

Thanks-Bill [email protected]
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Parker Club

Sounds like a good idea, here is a peak.I sent you some mail with describing the boat and electronics.

2320 SC 2001 with 200 HPDI.



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Well Done

Nice job, put it on my favorites list and will check it out more when I am not so tired, Just got back from Davis Park for the W.E.


Down to Earth

That could be a matter of debate. I had a problem with the 23 SC with a drain hole being below the water line with no sea**** or access hatch to get at the problem.

Oak at W/W agreed with me on the problem but the engineers that I spoke with where MORONS. To make a long story short, the work order was approved and the problem resolved. What an agrument I had with them. To me it was the same old story of CYOA, cover your own A*%$. and it was not going to go over with me. There answere was we have been doing it that way for 5 years with no problem and that's the way it is going to stay.

My answere was that the hose has not rotted out yet. With a drain hole 3 1/2 inches below the water line and a plastic fitting to boot, when that hose rotes out the boat goes down.

The thing that impressed me was that I got a call from Linwood Parker who's name is on the boat and expessed my lack of confindence in his engineers. He looked into the problem and called me back again 2 days later and agreed that something was wrong with that design. He thanked me for pointing the problem out but on the same point admitted no fault. HMMM!!!!!!

Just something to ponder.

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Drain hole

On the 23 I have a storage locker directly in back of the cabin door with a hatch cover. The drain was for the gutter around the locker where the hatch cover is recieved and they ran a hose over to the starboard side.
The amazing part was that they had a differce of 5 inches from where the drain was to the waterline and only going a distance of about 4-5 ft. Now here is the kicker, the storage box drains into the bilge. Can't figure that one out.

The fix was a bronze thru hull with a sea**** a cut a access hatch in by the valve. White Water did a great fiberglass jod a matched evrything perfectly.

Those bozzo engineers from Parker need to have the ducks more in a row. I explained that if I wanted to sell the boat a good surveyor would pick that up in a heartbeat.

It got to the point where I was going to have the CG put out a notification in boating magazines. Once I said that everything was fixed. I even put post up on the Parker home Page and it was deleted by Parker. Nice move especially after spending 50 K on a 23 ft boat.

I guess those southern boys still hold a grudge.

Otherwise a great boat.

They would of been better off just saying it was put there in error because someone blew a measurment. Everyone is human and mistakes happen, but to say out right this is the way we make em and we have had no problems is just plain Bull S$%$#. Can't wait to see those claims come rolling in.

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