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Attn: Parker Sport Cabin Owners

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A few of us want to set up a website to share pics, meet other owners & possibly organize a rendezvous. Email me a few pictures of your boat, and write a quick blurb about who you are/where you fish, and contact info (email) for inclusion on the website and as a point of contact for any upcoming events.

Thanks-Bill [email protected]
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Great idea. How were you able to get Parker's permission to use their name in your domain name and their logo?
I totally agree that it's great free publicity for Parker. I'm just worried for you that the execs at Parker might not see it that way. The way the laws are written, Parker could pull the plug on any website that uses their trademark or corporate name in its domain name.

For instance, there was a website that was started by Chevy fans. GM was able to force them to sign the domain name over to them. This kind of legal action can be found all over the internet. It makes no sense to people like us because it truly is free positive publicity and it's non-commercial.

I like the domain much better anyway. Like you said, it opens the door to so many more boat owners. It also can't be claimed by some hot-headed corporate executive.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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