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Atlantic City Fishing?

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Last year I had the time of my life fishing in Montauk. But because the prices are going up so much there, my parents decided to go to Atlantic City. We will be going mid/late augest. I remember a few years ago when we went I had no luck (but a was a lot younger and more clueless then). I am pretty much wondering what kind of fish I can catch from the beach in late augest. We will be right in the hotel area. I hope I have better luck then last time. I am still sad we are no going to montauk, but beggers can't be chooses. Thanks for the help everyone. I appreciate it.
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lol, This is very true. They will be playing the games a lot. Anyways, you are right. The 78 pound record was caught there. Thanks for the advice. Any other info is greatly appreciated, and needed too.

Also, I was thinking about it. The stripers and Blues are up north in augest. I don't think there will be any in the warmer waters of A/C. So what kind of fish am I looking at? I love catching any big fish from the surf (like anybody else). What kinds of fish could I catch down there? Thanks.
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