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Atlantic City Fishing?

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Last year I had the time of my life fishing in Montauk. But because the prices are going up so much there, my parents decided to go to Atlantic City. We will be going mid/late augest. I remember a few years ago when we went I had no luck (but a was a lot younger and more clueless then). I am pretty much wondering what kind of fish I can catch from the beach in late augest. We will be right in the hotel area. I hope I have better luck then last time. I am still sad we are no going to montauk, but beggers can't be chooses. Thanks for the help everyone. I appreciate it.
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Hey Crotonfish,
Are you sure the prices are cheaper or maybe your parents want to "role the bones" which can get real expensive. Any way the fishing down there is real good. As a matter of fact I believe the record stripper in the surf comes from A.C. 70 something pounds. Good luck and let us know how you did.
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