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Learning2Tog wrote:
Because I have REAL cowboys, knot just the TV ones in my family tree {I really do
}...I'll say I rooted for them.

Thanks for the history !!!
I had no idea !! No wonder you get along so good with Linc. He is the "Wagon master" (Or something like that) I think he took over for the "Duke"

NOPE !!! I just thought of what he is.

The "Trail boss"

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MakoMike wrote:
Depended on who were the cowboys were they good guys or bad guys and also were they good indians or bad indians. I switched sides a lot.

Me too.

Ill bet you too did

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Discussion Starter · #15 · Wife is a Huge Billy Jack fan...has corresponded with Tom Laughlin in the past...

I'm staring at the Billy Jack video collection on my desk -

Born Losers
Billy Jack
Trial of Billy Jack
Billy Jack goes to Washington

Always good to watch...I know Tom is a cancer survivor, like my wife and had conversations about it...Great Guy

Helped to lift my wifes spirits up..
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