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Are these guys edible?

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I caught these bergals yesterday. Are they edible? I was told by park rangers to throw them back because they both are not educated in identifying fishes. They both thought they are little blackfishs or tautogs. I told them lots of time no. They told me throw them back or else.

But anyway, most of them are over 10" and are not blackfish as you can tell.
I ate the big ones. They taste a little in between Blackfish and Porgy. :)


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Which park were you at? Whichever one it is, the authorities responsible for it need to be informed that their rangers should either know their fish or leave the fishery reg enforcement to DEC!As for edibility of bergalls, I have personally never tried them, but I've been told that the larger ones are not too bad- just a little bony.Bon Appetite :)
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