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Are more lures better?

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If you are running a tuna spread and 1 out of your 7 lures is not running properly through the waves or is not the right pattern/color/size, will that detract from a fish taking one of the other lines? (are you better off running 4 lures that are riding properly than 7 with 1-2 are arent optimum)
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I agree with FishnDude but have one additional thought. If for whatever reason that spot just cant be run right, depending on what you have out, perhaps throw out there a hookless teaser bait, a bird a teaser bar, you get the idea. Something that might help raise a fish and entice him to the other 4. If not. go with 4 clean effective well run lures. When I first started I ran a 24' to the 20 -30 fathom line and hooked fairly regularly. I was by running 4 from the gunnels as my spread. I also would sometimes run an additional one dropped back from a lee add-on holder off a grab rail (something like a green machine behind a bird behind the other 4)
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