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April 19- Who's up for some flounder poundin, Marylin Jean style?

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Hi everyone-

Myself and another Noreaster (screen name liJRtt) are interested in going on the Marylin Jean 6 pack for flounder on Sat. April 19th.I spoke with Capt.Tony and he said if a minimum 4 people commit, he will make a flounder trip that date (he is usually concentrating on bass by then). I think the easiest way to do this, for all involved, would be for anyone who wants to go that day to just call Capt.Tony & make their reservation,as the MJ normally runs as an open boat 6 pack, if not chartered.

I see that a lot of Noreasters fish the Marylin Jean, for those who may not know, it is a first class operation across the board

So, anyone interested?

Sorry, I forgot. Capt.Tony's number is 917-560-8224.

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Going to be a blast cant wait to slay some flounder...Some of you have to be interested?!?! CAX1699 I kno you want in!
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