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it's about 3-4 miles or so south of the lighthouse, i don't remember exactly w/o the numbers in front of me. but it's not one big reef, it's a collection of piles of, concrete blocks, there's even some old army tanks out there now. what you need to really get on the fish are the loran numbers or the lat/lon of the indivudual structures....

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fire island reef .2nautical miles south of fire island lighthouse in the atlantic ocean.
744 acres 3000 yards x 1200 yards.
62 feet to 73 feet.deep.
1998 -of aug.43 feet, steel sailboat courteson.
40deg 35.915'n
73deg 12965'w
1998 feb 1000 yd,concrete bridge rubble
40 deg 35.917'n
73deg 13.000'w
1999 sept. 110 foot steel barge with 9 concrete pipes
40deg 35.990'n
73 deg 14.234'w
this is a starting point the rest is up to you to find !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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