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anyone else watching the Republican debates tonight?

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on now - Fox (Ch 26)
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nice swipe Thompson took at Huckabee...........

Was waiting to see how Paul would answer the 9/11 question while standing next to Rudy
Mac's running away with it

Ron Paul a freaking nutjob.

Did you see McCain's face when Paul was talking about the Iranian gunboat issue?

Pretty much everyone was wondering what the **** he was talking about.
Reminded me of the answer that Miss USA Winner gave when she was asked about education.........

Likin' McCain more & more.
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gotta agree - not necessarily the azz thing - but seems to have trouble thinking on his feet. Very vague answers when asked a direct quesiton.
Too many Reagan based replies.

don't like his abortion position & I believe he is anti gay marriage

both of those give me a problem with him

he's got nice hair though - doesn't he

thompson's being quite confrontational with the other canidates ain't he?
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1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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