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Hi Gary,

I just ordered the 1900 CC with a Yammie 100hp 4/stroke. Another guy with that set-up says he gets 35mph top end. I'm a recovering sailor ;) so anything over 6 knots and I'm all excited. I get the boat on 3/21 so I'll give you a (hopefully glowing) report after that.
The boat looks solid and "rugged". It is not shined up as nice as a Sea-Pro or something. I'm curious to see how the modified V-hull works out. The bow is like a Mako, but the deadrise at the transom, as someone pointed out, is only around 10 degrees.

I am hoping that the bow will be able to cut though waves like a deep-V and the stern will keep the boat from rocking too much. We'll see.

This is my first power boat. I wanted something I could trailer but would still give me a fighting chance against the steep chop that blows up on the mid-Chesapeake Bay. I figure most of the time I'll be within 4-5 miles of land and I can try to run and hide before it gets exciting.

I'm an illegal alien on this board, since I will fish Chesapeake Bay.

BTW, Some of the spec sheets on the 1900 CC show the hull weight as 1550, but that is incorrect. It is actually 1900.

I just bought a used Ford ******** V8 to tow the load, which will be around 3700lbs. Hope that does it.

Good luck with whatever you get!
Warmer's coming!
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