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Anybody else fish NJ offshore from LBI to Sandy Hook?

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I'm curious how many guys here fish the same areas as I do. I'd like to hear from anyone that fishes NJ from LBI to Sandy hook. Offshore & Inshore
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I fish off the coast of LBI, out of LE inlet.I go north to the Garden State north wrecks,and fish anywhere from there out 15 miles.There are various artifical reefs, and lumps,from that area south to the Atlantic City coast.Had a lot of great days last year, but also got skunked.
What kind of boat you runnin and what species do you concentrate on?
thruout the season I go for what is available,Seabass,Fluke,Weakies,but this year I expect to troll for Blues,Tuna,etc. My boat is a
Pursuit 2150,w/175 Oceanrunner.
hello. what is the typical run offshore from where you are in NJ? What size boat you running? what would you consider typical sea conditions off NJ offshore?
Hey tricube,
Depends what you call offshore. For me I usually think of past 20 miles or so. We have lots of good fishing grounds within 50 miles from Barnegat Inlet where I go out. Many good inshore spots as well. Inshore tuna & shark within 25-30 miles too. Sea conditions can be pretty unpredictable so you have to use your own knowledge as your guide. It can be 6-8' inshore and as soon as you hit about 20 out it's flat as a pancake (sometimes not) Just like anywhere else I would think. I'm running a 28' Winner flybridge. 4' draft, real heavy solid glass with a keel so I do pretty well in the rough stuff. Where do you do your boating and what kind of boat are you running?

I have a 27' larson cabrio which is an express cruiser but we fish a lot. we are out of sea bright, nj so we get to the tip of the hook a lot and out to 17 fathoms, mud buoy and shrewsbury rocks. I dont venture too far from shore 10miles is the furthest so far.
I fish the mud hole, glory hole and chicken canyon. We target tuna and sharks. Last june we spent a week sharking from point pleasant. We got 3 makos around 100lbs a 300lb threasher and many blues from the glory hole. All taged and released. We fish my friends 25' Parker based out of Rye, Ny.
Tight lines, Jim
Hey guys,
Thanks for replying. Take a look here
We've got a great bunch of guys in our club and share lots of details during the season. If your interested, shoot me an email.
Tight lines...
email me

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I fish off shore of NY/NJ. More NJ than NY. I spend alot of time fishing the areas north of the 350 line and east of 26825. Depending on conditions, water color,temp,bait etc.. I'll fish Chicken and the tower. There is a buddy list someone has put togethr on this site. See if you can get on the list and we'll meet one day off shore this spring.
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