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Hey guys, I know it is last minute, but I got some time off work and with the beautiful weather,, need to make the most of it. Anyways, I am a 26yr old avid fisherman and am looking to head to stellwagen either tomorrow(tues) or Wed. Are there any charters that need an extra guy? I have all equipment and a reliable means of transportation. I would rather a charter then a party boat, but know that it is last minute. Also, if the open charter falls through can you guys reccommend a head boat that will be fishing stellwagen? I am from the NY border, so that area is all new to me and looking at a map, it seems like most of the boats that I see advertised on here are a good run from the bank, at least the southern end, and probably end up fishing jefferys or other areas. I have done plenty of cod fishing, just on the well known boats that usually fish south of the cape and are no longer running for cod, or at least in the next two days).Any advice is greatly appreciated as I am new to this area. If by some miracle you happen to have an extra spot available aboard a charter, I would love to fill it(paying my share of tip, fare and food, of course. Thanks for the advice guys! Also, if it is on Wed, I most likely could fill 2 spots as my father can go then as well.
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