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Being a boater I can help you with as spot you can get to with a solid boat, over 20 ft in calm weather. This is 6nm from Greenport. The waters in this area can be rough, watch your tidal changes with wind/tide opposites.

Greenport is close to Silis Rock, with an opion of skinney water of The Ruins.

Here is one idea for you....

Silis Rock:
Look on the map for Little Gull Island, line you boat between the rips of the rock and the lighthouse ( which is an illusion, its on great gull island ) Drift in this area for stripers and monster blues. You will see the rip forming, most people fish on the western end of the ripline. Troll wire during the daytime, and a night use live bait. The place is full of Bluefish, which can be a problem, if your looking for stripers, big ones.

Make sure you set up during the light, the rock " silis " rock can sink any boat. Then get your bearings for nightime fishing.

ALSO: you have to be more spefic with your question, the Hamptons is from Hampton Bays to Montauk. The north fork, from riverhead to the end. Then the end on a boat, goes very end...many islands filled with fish. This way people can help you out better.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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