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Love Mackeral fishing but the only boat from brooklyn has stopped fishing for them. Does anyone know of any other boats in the relative area still fishing for macks? Or has the Mackeral season ended already and if it has, do you think they will return for a Early spring run?

Thanks for any input!
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Whats up Crabcake,

Does the Belmar Princess ever update their website for fishing reports or do I have to call them to find out how theyre catching?
Thanks for the update Totaug! Much appreciated!
After reading your post Totaug, it got my blood flowing. I know, I know....Get your blood flowing for sad. I love mackeral fishing, what can I say and honestly, the last time I caught em up half decent was 3 years ago. Not to mention that the only time I managed to go for em this year, I ended up with a big fat 0. Can u believe catching 0 macks? The sad part is that as good as you may be catching em in Jersey, its a bit too far for me so I know I will not be able to even get a shot of that action. I am in denial right now and my only solace is that im scheduled to go black fishing on pending of course...but I was supposed to go yesterday and that fell through due to weather....jeez, the more I think about this the more I am getting pathetic:confused: LOL
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1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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