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Any 1 have a good c-bass / porgy rig

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Any 1 have a good seabass / porgy rig they would like to share aside from the normal hi low dropper loop.

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I guess no one has a good rig or no one wants to share.
Well, I use the standard hi-lo type rig. The only thing is that I use smaller hooks for the porgies.

The State record seabass was caught on a single hook rig.

Need I say more?

The hi low rig is my standard. What I do is simply place the hooks where the fish can see it and attack it instantly. Hook size is important in respect to the size of the resident fish. Nearshore , I would keep the hooks smallish. Inshore , I would put on bigger hooks. Offshore , over wrecks, would get my biggest hook I could put on.
Attractors are the key( I believe) to this kind of fishing.
From the little 3inch squid bodies to the 4 inch squid tails to the GLOW bodies in water deeper than 60 feet.
HINT>>>HINT>>>HINT>>> Put on the 3 inch bodies backwards. have a small tri-bead or some such between the hook and the squid body T'ZER. When u do that the action of the tentacles attract and (I believe)turn them on.
Make sure you have a breakaway sinker line to your rig. Y festoon the bottom with more junk than what is already down there.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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