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Anti-siphon valve ?

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Got my boat back after just a day at the mechanics. It had lost power (1500rpm max, instead of like 4800rpm., and was VERY hard to start.) Naturally this happened after I was out like 8 miles from the boat ramp, lol. Anyway, the boat has been back, have been out on it for three trips, and its run flawlessly. My question is this, and although I realize each boat is different, but what would debris in the area of the anti-siphon valve have to do with this ? (I could understand if it were in the lines, carbs, or filters.)

Its a 1999 Sea Pro with a 42 internal resin tank, with a C-90 Yamaha o/b. I did have a more expensive carb cleanout job two years ago, suspecting that the ethanol finally "got to it."
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Then the anti siphon valve in the fuel tank, is also near the pickup line that goes to the motor and squeeze bulb ( ? )
(at least in my tank ?)
Thats what I am having trouble understanding. It seems to met that for this problem to have occurred, that the antisiphon valve must be close to the fuel feed line to the engine, and thus both being at or near the bottom of the tank (or else the fuel would starve out at less than an empty tank.) Am I missing something ?
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