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Hey guys it is great to see so many questions and posts for the first 3 days being up on this new topic. A lot of the questions can be answered very fast but some may require more time. We try and give you the answer you?re looking for but in full details. So many of the questions you may ask will be covered in time. I say this because it takes time to sit down and think exactly what you?re asking and pin point it to your question. For example Soman has asked about marking Bass on a color machine. This is not something I can just write a quick reply too. There are many reasons to this and to understand it fully. It will take time to explain. Which in turn means time to write! Another thing is like all of you the fishing in the fall is my favorite time of year and in between work we are out fishing at least 3 times a week Min. So that leaves time for sleep, and only sleep. You get the drift? Ecnewellman and I actually have some time today where we will sit down and put together some things on different topics. And work on making this the best Fishing board on the net! I am sorry about the wait but it will be worth your while. We will meet with George from nor east and discuss future Events, Videos, And Books. Funny Ecnewellman put up a post on the clam fishing in this area and it seems to have been passed up? That is easy fishing for you guys and if you never caught a striper or want to bag more read what he wrote! This fishing will be here for another couple of weeks so don?t miss out on it. If you go out and do it, and find no great success don?t give up. It?s fishing and every day is different. No two days are exact fish change consistently and you have to adapt to there every move to become a better angler. It?s like golf the more you practice the better you become. That is why this column can be of great assistance to all! A lot of you work all week and cannot keep in touch or do not have the time to fish as much as us. So with our time and knowledge we will try and make it easier on you and help you along the way. Remember fish have tails and swim, so if we tell you we caught fish 1 day they my not be there the next? All we can do is tell you the best way we know how from our past experience. The little tricks are what make the difference in putting together a good catch. Funny I should say release catch because That is my game plan these days I only keep what is eaten! So thank you for your patience and we are looking forward to some heavy lessons for the future. But keep up the posts and questions I am enjoying this very much sharing all the time and hard effort Ec and I have put in over the years. Also if you have any suggestions as too help this board along post it or email us anytime. Hey it is a discussion board and every idea helps. Hope to solve you needs Togmaster and EC.
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