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As a new fisherman, every fustration I've encountered is usually caused by my lack of knowledge. And not understanding why some guys are catching fish off the Captree piers, while I'm not on certain days or times was a real sore spot. I copied what bait they were using and how they hooked it, as well as casting and retrival techniques. But often that didn't solve a thing. This just led to packing up and going home after several hours.

Then someone told me that Fluke being bottom fish face into the tide, not with it. The lights went on !! If I couldn't get the end of the pier which let me cast across either the incoming or outgoing tide, I, like 90% of the guys fished from the side of the pier that the tide was running from. Thus making sure that your rigs didn't get caught under the pier.

Now it made sense. If I cast my rig and slowly brought it back towards the dock against the tide, I was reeling it in from BEHIND the Fluke. The odds must be a million to 1 that I would drag it right over a Fluke. The result was mostly no fish caught. But if I cast into the tide, I would have to make sure that I still kept my line tight, which would require new skills and techniques. But I should be able to catch Fluke is they're near the pier.

I was going to test this out today at Captree, but the constant rain caused me to cancel our fishing trip.

Am I on the right track?
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