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Another GPS ?,Another GPS ?

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I’m looking for a GPS are there any recommendations
I was looking at the Garmin 182 with the Blue chart #3
I have a 22’ c/c
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Garmin 182C

I have the 182C on my 21 WA. I am very pleased with it. I also think that the color display is definitely worth the money - the color screen makes the GPS maps so much easier to read, and allows you to better appreciate the detail of the Blue Chart maps.

For a small boat, I recommend the 182C -it's compact enough to fit at the helm, yet big enough to read easily; it performs great, and it's easy to learn how to use. I have never had any operational problems, nor have I had any glare issues with the color unit. There are lots of nice features that serve the typical recreational boater quite well: waypoint storage (3000), route storage(50), speed/mileage/trip data, and more.

I bought mine last year - paid $899 for the color unit - normally retails for $999 - West Marine was offering 10% on GPS and FFs. Watch for the sales if you have the time to wait.

Good luck with your decision.

Goodnight Moon

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