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An overwhelming majority of anglers would take positive, preventive action if one of their favorite fishing spots were threatened with government closure, according to a recent survey.

In the May 2008 survey of 2,017 anglers, nearly all said they would take action if they learned that a government entity was considering closing one of their favorite fishing spots. A mere 0.02% responded that they would do nothing, either because they do not have enough time or because the threatened closure is not important to them.

Of the possible actions listed in the survey, the largest number of anglers (77%) stated they would e-mail their state or federal legislative representatives to protest the threatened closure. A further 49% said they would write a letter to their state or federal representatives, while 44% said they would telephone their representatives.

In other possible actions named in the survey, 33% of anglers said they would be willing to join organized demonstrations and protests. Another 29% stated they would write letters to newspaper editors, and 22% said they would visit fishing clubs to find out how they could be involved in stopping the closure. Slightly more than 21% stated that they would take other actions not listed in the survey.

From the survey results, it appears clear that the vast majority of anglers are willing to take action to prevent the loss of favorite fishing spots. However, according to Rob Southwick of, ?In some past fishing closure issues, many anglers, though willing, did not take action. Either they did not know who to contact or felt their voice would not be heard. As with any political issue, people need help and encouragement if they are to invest time and become involved.?

I guess fluke fishermen must be unusually unmotivated?

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