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No good, have to register and log in to read the story. Can you give us some quotes, or a link to the origin?

Some people believe there will be No-fish zones in the Northeast, right here at home.........and I believe it too!

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HERE WE GO AGAIN.........................

Attention All New England Fisherman

posted 03-10-03 06:51 PM

This was sent out by Bill Hubbard from New Hampshire who attended a meeting concerning MPA's this is scary stuff. Everyone who fishes should plan on attending the meeting concerning the FREEDOM TO FISH ACT, Thursday, 20 March in Braintrree, MA at the Viking Club. For time, directions and more information please go to


Captain Dave
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The Ocean Conservancy
****-bent on closing huge ocean areas to all fishing.

I recently attended a very well-balanced forum on Marine Protected Areas which was sponsored by the UNH Sea Grant Program and presented in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Thank goodness it was well-balance, because the segment of the forum done by Dr. Dennis Heinemann, of Ocean Conservancy was absolutely frightening to those recreational and commercial fishermen in the audience.

I won?t go into the half-truths and misleading statements used to present the Ocean Conservancy?s position of closing vast areas to fishing. Needless to say, they took a number of legitimate scientific papers but ?selectively? used only part of those tracts to make their point.

What I want to get across here is what every fisherman in New England needs to be aware of. These are just some of the aims of Ocean Conservancy. Bear in mind the operative word ?permanent? as used in their goals. Yes, that means that those areas would be closed permanently; as in forever. These are just some of their goals excerpted from their slick, multi-color fundraising document titled, "Marine and Coastal Protected Area in the Gulf of Maine:

1. Work should begin immediately to establish a comprehensive network of effective, permanent MPAs throughout the Gulf of Maine in both coastal and offshore areas.

2. The Gulf of Maine MPA network should include a spectrum of types of MPAs, including at least one area of Ocean Wilderness . Ocean Wilderness areas should be at least 100 square miles.

3. Existing MPAs should be strengthened, and new MPAs established, to create more sites that provide permanent and comprehensive protection against the full range of adverse effects of human activities.

4. The Gulf of Maine MPA network must include areas in both coastal and offshore waters, that are permanently closed to all fishing.

Lest you feel you do not need be concerned at this time, please think again. The Ocean Conservancy is conducting on-going fund raising effort to see that all of their goals become reality and they have no compunction about bringing legal suit to meet their goals.

Scary ? You bet it is. We could wake up in a few years and find we are banned from fishing in 25% of the Gulf of Maine, including some of the best and most productive areas. Take time to get involved in every effort to prevent this. Support the Freedom to Fish Act both the federal version in Congress and the state versions that are being filed in coastal state legislatures.


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