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I owe HungryJack an apology.

I?m sure most of you are aware of what went on a few days ago when another member posted some inappropriate, racist and anti-semetic remarks directed at Jack. Many of us received a PM from Jack, where he showed us what was sent to him, and that carried on over into the boards. The original reason for Jacks sending the PM?s I believe, and I don?t want to speak out of line, was to let us (pikers) know that someone who was associated with the ?pikers? acted in this manner.
When the thread was locked and another one started, I posted that I didn?t see why Jack was sending the PM?s out. I thought it was just to stir up the pot beteew Jack and the pikers, so I jumped in and made remarks directed at Jack.

What I wrote was Totally uncalled for and had no merrit whatsoever, and all it did was to lead Jack and other members to believe that I condoned or supported this type of activity and behavior. I want to make it perfectly clear??..I Do Not.

I was wrong and out of line for saying what I did??..and to Jack,?.. I say I?m sorry and I apologize.

Regardless of what has transpired between Jack and myself, recently or in the past?I have no ill feelings towards Jack Cohen. I think Jack really does have much to offer the fishing community here on noreast. And even though sometimes he appears to be rough around the edges, he does posess a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to fishing and fishery issues.

What started out as fun and games with what I had going on with the noreast pikers, and people playing along with their stories to ?become? pikers seems to have become an issue with some members. While this was only started as a joke type thing, it has in the opinion of some members been a dividing tool at noreast. Some members were starting to feel that we were excluding or separating them from us. That was never meant to happen.
What it did do was become a pain in the ass for some moderators and George. It appearded there was a war brewing between pikers and the rest of noreast?..and that?s not what we are about. Anyone who has met us will attest to that. We simply want to have some fun and help other members any way we can.
I apologize to the members of noreast for any feelings of exclusion all this may have caused.
I apologize to MakoMike and George Scocca for any disruptions this may have caused

So, for the good of noreast and the rest of the members here I am removing my title of Piker Prez from my signature line and will simply go back to just being gverb1219.

I am a man of my word and I will honor Jacks wish and not make any references to him anymore, not in the Anglers Lounge, in Chat or on any other boards here at noreast.

Jack, I really do apologize and want you to know it is sincere. What I assumed was a harmless remark, was actually a hurtful one and for that I am sorry.

Gary R. Verbanic Sr.

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