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Hello Noreast friends
As I said in my previous post, in this video you will see my spoonfly Attila Slim in action. It really behaves like a great lure, very effective for hunting.

Once again, I went to the beaches of Ica, about 350Km southbound from Lima, to look for Corvinas and Lenguados.

This time you are going to see for second time, an amazing party of seabirds. They came close to the shore in the middle of hunting frenzy. I am sure you will love it. The sea was blue, the water was clear, no wind, and was a shiny day.

Afterwards, I had enjoyed the birds' party, we began to fish. I want to show some casts from the shores and captures I made in this wonderful day.
Something special for this kind of fishing, is that we need to do long casts, about 90, 100 yards or more, basically for two reasons: First, trying to drop our lures behind the seaweeds that are spread everywhere and your lures, spoons, etc. can easily stay nailed; and secondly, because reaching deeper waters your odds get greater to find the Corvinas in activity, where they are hunting.

Also, if you are interested how to do the Attila Slim, you can watch my video in my previous post or visiting my channel in Youtube.

Well I hope you like my video, please send me your comments.
Here the link to the video:
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