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Amsoil synthetic 2 stroke oil

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Ive been reading much lately of the benefits of using Amsoil synthetic oil in outboards. The deal is carbon buildup is supposed to be GREATLY reduced also emmissions. Plugs last longer, engine do also.
The prices dont seem any more then Yamalube.
BUT this stuff isnt TCW3 certified, but K Mart special 2 stroke is.
Anyone using this oil or any comments?
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Don't use it. A friend of a friend blew up his 150 merc using this stuff and I believe if it isn't tcw-3 certified then it may void your warrenty. If all the hype is from the company, then why isn't it tcw-3 certified?

K-Mart probably has Penskee put a K-Mart lable on it. Penskee probably gets it from Mobil or one of the few manufactures of 2 stroke oil.

I have been using Exxon for years now and it is cheap by the case at west marine with the mail in rebate that you actually get back in a few weeks.

Stick to what works and is service proven and you won't have any problems.

Capt. Marc
Thanks for the comments, I wasnt sold thats why I asked. In my truck I mix 50/50 mobil one with petrolium, same in my rear & tranny. The 2 stroke stuff , I'm not sold on an using all all synthetic, Yamalube says theres synthetic ingred. in there. I think you might be right about the hype with this oil in 2 stroke engines .
I agree with Capt. Mark,if its not TWC-3 certified warranties can go out the window.I was also using Exxon until last year when a good friend and mechanic suggested Penzoil,there both cheap in price and I got them at West Marine.Also,both are certified.

"Fishing with an Attitude"
Thanks Paulie,
I was talking to a friend when I was out on the Whaler earlier today on Woodcleft & he told me that some Amsoil oil is TCW 3 certified, I think the 2 stroke injector oil, I'm going to check it.
I'm from the school that straight synthetic isnt a good thing. The seals need petrolium based oils on them so they dont leak, thats why I mix it in my truck. If Amisol is TCW 3 cert.
I think a nice brew would be 1 part Amsoil, 1 part Yamalube 2 or 3 parts Penzoil.
My line of thinking here is it'll be a better oil mixture & a little cheaper.
But I'll most likely stick to the yamalube straight, for a couple yrs. @ least..

Two different Mechanics have stressed to me to stick with Yamalube........Interestingly,they both also said that the only other oil that would be ok in my Yami would be Quicksilver.

I've been using the Quicksilver for the last four is also expensive though.
I really appreciatethat info.
I also heard its NOT TCW3 cert. from someonelse after posting my last post. Also the reason why it's not { one of the reasons } it doesnt mix with other oils so I couldnt do a mixture as suggested in my other post. I'll stick with yamalube.
Go to walmart and pick up Penzoil full synthetic 2 stroke oil. It is tcw3 certified and runs great. Definitely less smoke and easier flowing in the cold weather. I use it in my evinrude 140 vro and use omc synthetic lower unit oil. My 96 tahoe has mobil 1 in the motor, rear, trans, transfer. I swear by it. And no, it doesent make your seals leak. And yes, you can mix it with dino oil AND switch back and forth if you like. Good luck and tight lines.
WoW Penzoil has synthetic {it's part synthtic I just learned, but they do have 100% synthetic gear lube}} thats TCW# cert.
To recap, can be mixed with Yamalube and you can buy it @ Walmart.
thanks, alan
Interesting legal statement @ the Penzoil site {marine section} how unless Outboard makers supply TCW# oil with the engine they cannot exempt the warranty if other TCW3 oil is used.

Penzoil[[url]]Name of the site

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I use the full synthetic, Penzoil. Four seasons now in the VRO and definitely much less smoke. Six years of full synthetic in every part of my Tahoe and going strong. Good luck.
I've been using Amsoil 2 cycle synthetic for two years now/Opti 150 and Polaris.. Best stuff going and all my friends are starting to use it too. Clean running, little smoke and environment friendly. I think that you will see all the mgs. push towards it, they are all on the bandwagon and they make a blend for their direct injection motors. Pennsoil also has 100% snythetic at Walmart but it's at 20. bucks and I can get Amaoil for 17. Check out this website for Bassmasters, go to their forums and do a site search for Amsoil or synthetic and you will get some great info from guys that run the tournament circuits and run their engines hard. The site is also great for maintenance and performance.
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