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Amber alert to your cellphone.

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I was invited to a Sprint summit conference today and got to speak to John Walsh of Americas Most Wanted which was the guest speaker.I thanked him for the great job he is doing on getting rid of the dirt bags on the street.
He mentioned to me a site I didnt know. It sends Amber Alerts in YOUR area to your cellphone. Here is the siteWireless amber alert
Its free...sign up and dont let this happen to one of our kids.

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John Walsh's son Adam was abducted from Sears and killed, which is why he does what he does now.
April 16, 2008: Occurred at 938 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn at 6:11PM. The CHILD, Shamiece Fariera is a Black female, 4 months old with black hair and brown eyes, 2 feet 1 inch long and weighs 15 pounds, last seen wearing a pink and blue shirt, pink overalls. May now be wearing a blue cookie monster jump suit. SUSPECT 1, Shawn Fariera is a Black male, 20 years old with black hair and brown eyes, 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 170 pounds, wearing dark clothing.SUSPECT 2 is a Black male, 17 years old, wearing all black clothing and black bandana. Last seen on Presidents St. in an unknown vehicle.Handgun was displayed.Call the NYPD at (866)NYS-AMBER or 911 if seen.
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