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Naw...those babies are long gone from the scene. Used to use them as my go-to lure back in the 70s...they were the creations of Al Reinfelder & Lou Palma & they're no longer in business. Last time I saw them in the stores was back in the early 80s at K-Mart in the closeout bin. They were great lures but after the 2nd hit by stripers by stripers (or the 1st by a blue) the rubber eel would tear & the action was gone. I used diver's wet suit goop to fix them (along with dental floss to tie them back against the hook) but once they tore could never get it quite right again. I still have a few of the heads & I use Lightning Eels for replacements...down to my last 3 right now. I understand that another company (maybe Felmlee) bought the Alou molds & you might look for those...used to see them in WalMart...

Jerry Vovcsko
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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