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Sorry to say I have no experience with Breakaway rods.

I read on other sites how good they are.

Here are 2 easy things to check.

Check the location of the reel seat by sticking the butt into your arm pit, for example right arm. Reach out with right arm straight and grab the rod with right hand. This is where reel seat should be. If the reel seat is below your hand when you cast you will not get full arm extension, a less powerful cast. It the seat is above your hand you might jab the butt into your stomach and lose casting distance.

Try this. When you cast see how the line transits up the rod and thru the stripper guide, guide above reel. The line should not bunch up going into the stripper guide(guide too close to reel) or slap the blank (guide too far up blank).

Being the rod is already built, if you have line slap or bunching try reels with different heights (center of spool) above the rod.

It would be interesting to see how the rod is spined and where the guides are located.

Does it cast better at 1 oz or 3 oz end.
Where is the sweet spot in lure weight?

Might it cast pencil poppers or red fins better?

When I build a casting (spin) rod for someone I take the person to the local football field and we test cast until both of us are happy with the results. Then I asemble the components permentally to the blank.

Please let me know if any of this info helps.

Capt Neil
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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