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Capt. Neilf,
I purchased over the winter a LDFS96-2M Breakaway rod
.I have seen various price range for this rod From $169 upto $210.I got one in new condition for $75
thru Ebay. Anyway they claim these rods are for Distance casting.I slappped on a
penn 6500 on it and I use a teaser rig set-up.My casts are falling short.
I changed reels and put a 704z same results even shorter distance cast.
The Butt lentgh of the rod was Longer than my 10' st. croix and was having a problem casting.I felt it was too long.
So I cut the butt length by 4"
The rod is 9'6 now its 9'2 and the tip is more flexible than my st.croix.
Went out again and still not getting the distance I'm lookin for.
I have 2 st.croix one 8'6 & 10' and
can cast a country mile with both.
No problem casting with the teaser set-up also.
I have tried casting the lures in different positions to see what would be the best way to load the rod to get maximum distance. No luck...
I have even almost thrown my arm out trying to cast this thing and still coming up short.
Do you think I need to cut butt length some more.
Its really a nice rod. But....etc...
The rod looked like it had potential for
getting those lures out there.
I even use #30 fireline and still cant figure it out.
My guess tip to flexible and unable to snap those lures out far enuf.
What do you think?
Breakaway: LDFS 96-2M
line weight #15-30
lure weight 1-3oz

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Tnx, bluefishmaster for the response.
Your right! Not enuf backbone...
Going to stick with my St. croix's.
I guess I'll leave the breakaway as a conversational piece in the basement.

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Sorry to say I have no experience with Breakaway rods.

I read on other sites how good they are.

Here are 2 easy things to check.

Check the location of the reel seat by sticking the butt into your arm pit, for example right arm. Reach out with right arm straight and grab the rod with right hand. This is where reel seat should be. If the reel seat is below your hand when you cast you will not get full arm extension, a less powerful cast. It the seat is above your hand you might jab the butt into your stomach and lose casting distance.

Try this. When you cast see how the line transits up the rod and thru the stripper guide, guide above reel. The line should not bunch up going into the stripper guide(guide too close to reel) or slap the blank (guide too far up blank).

Being the rod is already built, if you have line slap or bunching try reels with different heights (center of spool) above the rod.

It would be interesting to see how the rod is spined and where the guides are located.

Does it cast better at 1 oz or 3 oz end.
Where is the sweet spot in lure weight?

Might it cast pencil poppers or red fins better?

When I build a casting (spin) rod for someone I take the person to the local football field and we test cast until both of us are happy with the results. Then I asemble the components permentally to the blank.

Please let me know if any of this info helps.

Capt Neil

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IBEW, save the rod for bait fishing. Capt. Neil, that's an interesting way to determine if the rod is build for your body size. I think not all of the All Star Breakaway rods are made the same. The St. Croix rods are very good rods, built with more care. The Breakaway rod you and my friend described is very similiar to one of my Ugly Stik rod. My Ugly Stik is long enough but the tip lacks a backbone to flex back and forth during a cast.

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Thanks for the info Capt. Neilf
I'm sure if I took off the Teaser rig
I would be able to cast further but that
would defeat the purpose.
This is the first year I'm fishing with
Teaser rigs and and its been unbelievable! I'm catching more fish and
Double headers!
I wont fish now without a teaser rig now.As far as lure wieght on that breakaway no difference using 1oz to 3oz
they stil fall short. My 8.6' st.croix
can outcast & outperform compared to the breakaway.I wont even get into what my 10' st.croix can do with the 704z!
I will take into consideration what you
recommend Capt. neilf
I have caught a few fish on this rod and has worked great fighting fish but
needs work on the casting side.
I havent givin up yet on the rod.
Will give it a few more tries before decide to hang it up.

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I believe the Capt. hit on the problem with your distance...It's the stripper guide.

Most pre-made rods have the the first guide sized too small.

If you go to somewhere like The Sports Authority and look at all of the rods, you will notice the first guide is very small. These rods will be okay for a conventional reel but not too good for a big spinning reel.

Compare a custom built rod's first guide to the above mentioned rods and you will see the difference.

Rather than give up on the rod, either have someone change the guide for you, or do it yourself.

I think you will see a big improvement.
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