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Ok fellas, I made a proposal in the slick thread about maybe us loung lizards getting together to go fishing on a party boat. I think it would be an awesome idea to have us fish together instead of talk about all this nonsense. Plus we can finally see Vic L2T (if he shows :rolleyes: ) show off his fishing skills :rolleyes: I just hope there is a lot of people who will not just sign up but actually show up. So far Crabby said he is in. Crabby, I will need some help in booking a charter once we pick a boat. I would like to have each lounge lizard pay their fee directly to the charter if possible. If not we will work something out.

So, whats your thoughts on this :confused: Fluke? Bass? Blues? Need suggestions for what we would target then pick a boat. Once we know all the specifics we will start a thread in the chater forum. This is for us lounge addicts but is open to others. My suggestion is: CQ for Fluke which might be an issue for the CT guys. Or Marilyn Jean in Brooklyn for some fluke or bass which would be a ride for some . If you have any other suggestions lets hear them.


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1 - 20 of 617 Posts
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