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The key words Capt. Bill said about driving on pavement with low pressure tires is TAKE IT EASY. I would not recommend doing this as a matter of course. Your vehicle will not react as you expect if you need to make an "abrupt manuver" as my sunvisor warning says. I have done so from time to time, to move from one beach acess to another. But it has some danger and your tires will wear funny. Check out
These are not the toy compressors that whine for 20 minutes then do a smoke bomb imitation when your 31" tire finally gets to 28 psi. You can tell these are serious by the prices. After going through 4 of the $30 ones I realized it is a false economy. Admittedly, I did not buy one of the ones on that web site. I found one at a garage sale in new condition. If you get a good one, you won't find yourself saying "Oh I'm not going that far down the beach today. I think I'll just not air down this time" Mistake.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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