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you can use it for youe bucktails but if you want it for detail work its not going to be any good for ya.
you will need to get propell for it also and it ant cheep think its like $8 per can.
if you use to much at one time the can will freez and you need to let it defrost lol how do i know lol dont ask ....

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how about this one

ECONOAIRE Compressor Specifications:

Type: Single Cylinder Piston Compressor
Power: 1/8 Horse Power
Voltage: 110-120V / 60HZ
Air Control: Pressure Regulator with Gauge and Water Trap Filter.
Air Delivery: 20 Liters/Minute; 0.7 CFM @ 50 PSI
Working Pressure: 12-35 PSI
Auto Stop/Start: Stop at 50 PSI, Start at 25 PSI
Maximum Pressure: Factory Preset at 50 PSI
Connections: 1/8' BSP
Dimensions: 6.0" H x 5.0" W x 9" L
Weight: 7 LBS (3.2KG)
Electric Cord: 6 foot

ECONOAIRE Siphon Feed Airbrush Specifications:

Dual-Action, Internal Mix
3/4 oz. (22 cc) Siphon Feed Fluid Bottle
1/6 oz. (5 cc) Siphon Feed Fluid Cup
0.35 mm Needle/Nozzle
Solvent Resistant Teflon Needle Packing
15-50 PSI Working Pressure
Spray Pattern: Fineline to 2" Wide
Nozzle Wrench and Airbrush Hanger
Molded Plastic Storage Case


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The Crescendo Set
includes: ? Crescendo airbrush ? all 3 tips, spray regulators, and needles (f, m, & l)
? 6 ft. braided air hose ? 3/4 oz. jar w/ adapter ? two, 2 oz. paint jars
? one, 1/4 oz. metal color cup ? protective cap
Crescendo Set Complete
99 1757 Crescendo Set Complete: $79.00 delivered

Crescendo Set in Wood Box
The set contains a 175 Crescendo airbrush with medium nozzle/needle, jar w/jar adaptor, extra jar w/cover. braided airhose, heavy nozzle/needle, trigger pad, protective cap, and instruction manual in an attractive wooden storage case.
99 1759 Crescendo Set Complete in Wood Box: $89.00 delivered


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The Badger Cresendo 175 is a good brush for the money.... it's easy to clean and can spray a variaty of's only drawback is the needle, which protrudes beyond the tip and is prone to bending.. I've got one I've been isung for years and spray all my metalics with it...if you buy this one buy exrta WILL bend them eventualy...

Stay away from the Badger 150... I have one of those too, I use it, but with lots of misery, it is good when it's good, but when it's bad, it's a spitting cobra... very fussy on paint mixture..

I also have an Iwata Eclipse, this brush does all my detail work and is a pleasure to use...expensive but an awesome brush...

For a comperssor, go to lowes or Home Depot and see what is avaialble, most small compressors used to nail brads work very well. I have an Ingersoll rand pancake compressor that was under $100, be sure to buy a regulator, you'll want to spray most paints at around 30 PSI... my advise, is if your going to do this, do it right or use spray cans until you can afford to do it right... if you dont, you'll spend ALOT of extra money and have misery along the way...

Anoter word on compressors... depending on where your "shop" is you might want to deaden the noise they make, I built a Styrofoam box ( with ventilation) around mine to cut down on the nose... but for painting, thye dont run all that much....

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thanks again

i got the 175 off ebay new for $45 and someone gave me a compressor.i'm doing the kits and bucktails for now,if they come out half as good as some of the ones i see on here who knows where i'll be next year,thanks again

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Mickeyif any of you are into custom airbrush work, my company is hosting our Expo 2008 Trade Show next weekend at the huntington Hilton...(its free to get in) this is mostly geared towards the autobody,marine, aircraft & industrial industries, but if you want to see some of the best airbrush artists around, stop in next weekend..

here are a few who will be doing demos and hosting seminars:
Mickey Harrischeck this out
John Cassatto
Leah Gall
Dave Perewitz
Alan Pastrana
Charley Hutton
Steve Nunez
Jon Kosmoski may fly in as well.

if you want to learn some tricks to using an air brush, i highly recommend you come by. visit the web site for more info.
please mention you saw this invite here at noreast if you come in.

also, i suggest you stop in and see Jeff Scott from Endura. Endura is paint you guys should check out. it holds up extremely well. can be used for just about anything.

This post is not to advertise anything. i dont want to get the moderators mad at me. i posted this info to inform you guys of some of the best airbrush artists coming to our neck of the woods next week. why don't you google Micky Harris's work. you will be amazed, especaily those in the armed forces.

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