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Aftcote finish

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I finally got to open the set of Aftcote's new version of their excellent finish. Did not wait till the old set was completely used up.

I installed 2 coats of the new finish on the wraps and 2 days later I used the rod. With the old version I would wait a week before using the rod due to cure time. With the new veraion I now let the customers pick their rods up earlier. This is good for me.

This new version has all the attributes that I liked about the original product. This new product cures in about 2 days and I feel comfortably using the rod that soon. The ability to stay clear once installed and the ability to stay flexible certainly is a big plus when it comes to cracking at the ends of the guide feet. My test of a mix from June 9 is still flexible and I like that. Bubbles with this product has never been an issue for me.

If you are looking for a new finish to use give AFTCOTE Rod Wrapping Finish a test run. You will not be disappointed.

Capt Neil
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When did they come out with this? Do you know if Merrick is carrying the new stuff?

I liked the "old" one alot..
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