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Aftcote finish

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I finally got to open the set of Aftcote's new version of their excellent finish. Did not wait till the old set was completely used up.

I installed 2 coats of the new finish on the wraps and 2 days later I used the rod. With the old version I would wait a week before using the rod due to cure time. With the new veraion I now let the customers pick their rods up earlier. This is good for me.

This new version has all the attributes that I liked about the original product. This new product cures in about 2 days and I feel comfortably using the rod that soon. The ability to stay clear once installed and the ability to stay flexible certainly is a big plus when it comes to cracking at the ends of the guide feet. My test of a mix from June 9 is still flexible and I like that. Bubbles with this product has never been an issue for me.

If you are looking for a new finish to use give AFTCOTE Rod Wrapping Finish a test run. You will not be disappointed.

Capt Neil
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It came out about a year ago. Actually the bottle labels look the same but contain the new formula. Merrick has had the new product in stock for quite awhile. Many builders that use Aftcote are using the new formula and may not know it.

It took me so try to use it due to all the original set ups I had to use up. Aftcote did offer to replace my stock with new but I hate to waste anything. Old habits die hard.

For those not familiar with Aftcote Finish this is why I use it. The pot life is long, I can do 3 rods with one mix. Using my electric mixer the problem with bubbles is non existent. The finish cures faster than the old formula. The cracking at the ends of the guide feet has not been a problem as the cured finish stays flexible and does not cure rock hard, no flexibility. I build on white blanks and Aftcote has not yellowed after being exposed to sunlight.

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