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Advise PLZ .Daiwa (Sealine-XS) 8' or 9'

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I'm after new rod, will do surffishing , the rod is Daiwa (Sealine-XS) 8' or 9'

8' Features:

SL-X S802MRS - M R 8' 2pc 12-20test 3/4-3lure Foam


SL-X S902MRS - M R 9' 2pc 12-30test 1-5lure Foam


Powerful Graphite Blank
Titanium Nitrided Zirconia Tip Top
Daiwa X-Treme Long Cast Guide System
Aluminum Oxide Guides
Fuji Reel Seat/Daiwa Custom Reel Seats
Classic Diamond Wrap With Gudebrod Thread And Epoxy Coating
High Density EVA Grip

Any of you have experience with one of the above rod ?
Any idea?

Good fishing to all


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Go with the 9ft or maybe 10ft version if fishing the south shore.I would go with atleast a 10ft.
Its a decent rod and for the money its
less expensive.
If you plan to use this for Lures only
you'll do OK.
But if you decide to throw chunks forget about it.
Better get yourself a 12ft meatstick!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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