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Advice: Trolling Gear for Blues/Stripers

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I am embarking on my first boat owning experience this season (19' Whaler with 115 Merc), and wanted some advice (from the experts) on what would be the best "starter" outfit for some striper and bluefish trolling? I already have a Penn Long Beach 6.5' Medium/Heavy trolling rod with a Penn 114 Senator 4/0 reel, but want another set-up for dual trolling.

I am looking to keep cost to a minimum, and for me that is around $175 - $200. I plan to do my fishing off RI and Cape Cod mostly. Any advice? Thanks.
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I was going to post the same question. I fish in the Raitan Bay area and was looking to buy my first trolling set-up. This will be my secound year with my boat and I wanted to get into trolling. If anybody has any reccomdations on a good outfit for a beginer please let me know.
Trolling Outfits


Check out what Seeker, Diawa and Shakespeare have in your local tackle shops.

I have to get new catalogs for these companies.

Capt Neil
Trolling Rods

IMHO, I would look into the Newell series. I started trolling with them last year and would have a tough time switching back to a Penn. They are extremely lite, durable and not to costly. As for a rod, you can't go wrong with a used Sabre.
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