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Advice on Bimini w/ enclosure

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Once again, I come to the best resource for boating needs for advice.

I need to replace the bimini and 4 sided enclosure on my 21' walkaround. It is an older boat and the frames are fine but the hardware needs to go. I have a quote around $2,000 without the frame and have no idea if this is good or not. As I said, it is an older boat I will probably replace in 5 years or less.

Does anyone have any recommendations on vendors, thoughts on price, advice in general?

I would prefer a place in western Suffolk...

Thanks all,
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The price seems high to me, but it all depends on the materials being used. I have a guy out here but I think it's a bit too far east for you.

Your also gonna wait as this time of year they have loads of work.

Good Luck -Erik-
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