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Advice on a New Reel

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I am looking to buy a new reel (conventional) that I can do some inshore bottom fishing with and also use for throwing chunks off the beach if I like. I would prefer a levelwind-- Is a lower gear ratio better??? What is the difference in lever drag to star?? Some reels people have suggested= Newell 229--Penn International 975--Diawa Grand wave 30. I would put it on a 30-50lb rated rod and would use it on a private and party boat. Any suggestions would help a lot. Thanks
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good reel

I give high marks on the Newell reels. I have several. The 229 is a great reel buy may be a little light for your charter/party boat fishing. The #229 means that the reel is rated for 290 yards of 20 lb. test. The 235 is rated for 350 yards of 20 pound test. The 332 is rated for 320 yards of 30 pound test.... etc. That is the formula. For a party/charter boat you need line capacity. With a 229 a couple of cut offs you could be out of buisness. Also the 229 & Penn975 are far to light of a reel for a stick that heavy. Give a hard look at the Newell 235 or 322(hard to find). They come in high and low gear ratios. For bottom I perfer the low ratio. Especially for black fishing. The Penn 975 is a good reel but a little to pretty for the hamming of party boat bottom fishing.
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