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My 12 year old son John is a huge fan...his favorite fact he has been saving for a Gibson SG because "that's what Angus plays "
We've been hoping they tour again so we can take him.
Because of him I've become a fan of this band that I pretty much ignored back in "the day" ( I had my Southern Rock and still do
Well thier coming
November at the Garden.
Tickets go on sale this morning.They are overpriced IMHO but that is life in 2008

Anyone going or trying o buy tickets?
I have to hit the road in 5 minutes,head East toward Shinne**** area... and will not be around when they go on sale this morning.
My wife will try getting what we can at The Garden or The Meadowlands.
I was hoping someone here had some insite,sugestions.

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Got mine, I am going. MSG night 1 section 108 , excellent seat to side of stage and also at IZOD I got a floor seat in row S.

Should be great shows. The two new songs I heard from new album are very good also.
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