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There are two models in question.
I would like to know if your using them
likes/dislikes. Also if you have'nt I would like
to take a poll. If from the 2 reels you had to
pick one which one would you pick.

Abu Garcia Center drag Big Game spinning reel.
Model # CD6-8000
Ballbearing - 6
Ratio - 4.8:1
line cap - 290/20lbs
weight - 16.7oz
price $119

Shimano - Stradic series
Model # ST-6000FG
Ballbearing - 4+1
Ratio - 5.1:1
line cap - 170/16lbs
weight - 18oz
price $149

IBEW local 1049

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I have a pair of the Stradic 4000s. These reels have the smoothest drag and great balance. Have become my favorite. The 4000 has a 6:1 ratio and holds less line, but basicaly the same reel.


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I haven't used Abu Garcia reels, so I can't comment on them. I have the Stradic 4000 and I'm very happy with it. It's a little sticky when engaging the reel out of a cast - this may be just a problem specific to my reel (I'm having it checked out). The Stradic has the smoothest drag of any spinning reel that I have ever owned. I've also switched over exclusively to Calcuttas for all of my conventional reels. Shimano makes a good product. :)

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