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abu garcia 6500CS Pro rocket !!!!!

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I'm curious if any of you fellas have any experience with ABU GARCIA reel 6500 cs???? I'm looking to use it as bait reel for one of my bridge rods or possibly throwing chunks off a south shore beach ? what are your thoughs guys ??

thank you
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Abu 6500s are what I call "parts reels." You can mix and match parts to come up with any model in their lineup. Very efficient, in letting them constantly come out with new models without retooling. Also lets you add any new features to your old reels. Figure what options you want and pick the closest model.

Ball bearings or bushings
Levelwind or not
Ball bearing in levelwind or not
Power or paddle handle
Palming sideplate or left side adjuster
Magnetic cast control or not
Type of magnetic adjuster
Regular or high speed gear ratio

They are great reels, but I usually change the drags for Smooth Drags (the company name).
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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