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Hi folks,

Two quickies for you.

1) I use this web site for tide info. but does anyone now if it is the most reliable. It seems that every source has different times (Newsday, Noreast, LI Fisherman, etc). Is one better than the other?

2) If high tide @ FI Inlet is at 12:46 am, does it make sense that high tide @ West Fire Island is at 3:35 am? Shouldn't the high be at W. Fire Island first (flooding in) and then start to receed (ebbing out). It seems to me that W. Fire Island should have the high tide before the inlet.

Any way, can someone please set me straight?

Thank You All

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Hi Somoan,

I have compared the tide tables on this site to other tide resources (including newsday, the fisherman, and other sites) and found them all to be about the same. I think they all get their info from one source.

W. Fire Island is an island in the GSB. The water that reaches it has to come from FI inlet. Therefor the tide would be high at the inlet before any where else in the bay. The farther you get from the inlet, the later the tide until you start to reach an area that is influenced by another inlet, such as Jones or Moriches.

Do a search for "tide" and you will find a lot of information regarding the differences between tide and current and what the numbers mean next to the tide times.

Good luck out there,

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