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As some of you know - I work half my week in NYC. Have an office on the 43rd floor above this spectacle

Smoking laws being what they are & me being the fool that I am I have to travel a round trip of 86 stories (yes I take the elevator) to go outside & have a smoke.

So there's always a heavy police presence down there on "the Plaza".
And it occurs to me (this is where the doughnut comes in or doesn't) that these same cops (NYPD - no finer) are hanging out here all day - YET - I never see any of them smoking.
Come to think of it ? I?ve never actually seen ? to the best of my recollection ? a cop smoking a cigarette PERIOD!!. Eating a doughnut (there I got it in) yes ? but SMOKING ? NO!!

So ? being as there are so many of them milling about - I saunter over to one???

?Excuse me??
?Yes Sir.?

Polite as can be.

?I have a question I need to ask you. Are police guys allowed to smoke in public because I can?t recall EVER seeing one smoking.?

?Actually no. The Department frowns on it. You can actually get fined.?
?Yes Sir.?

So polite???

?I was just wondering. So what do you do if you want a smoke??
?Well I don?t smoke ? did when I was stationed in Afghanistan but gave it up when I returned to the States. Gets kinda boring standing here all day ? sometimes I wish I had a smoke to help pass the time.?
?So you?re ex military??
?When did you get out??
(He looked quite young ? but lately they all look quite young. Byproduct of approaching 60 I guess?)

?Last year. Still wanted to serve the public & I thought what better way.?
?Good for you.?

?I have to ask. There?s always a pretty strong police presence around here why is that??
?I really couldn?t say sir (there?s that politeness again) ? some pricey real estate in this area.?

True I thought ? you have the Plaza hotel across the street. Bergdorf Goodman on two corners ? the Apple Store, FAO & a dozen other ones all in the same Square. One of my favorite parts of Manhattan. Central Park right across the street to the right.
Lots of tourists,?day trippers" & office workers milling about. Then it occurred to me.

?Is this considered a ?high value target??
?What do you mean??
?I mean do the bad guys find this an attractive target??
?Bad Guys??

?You know Bin Laden?s Boys??
?Well yes. We?ve had a few incidents & threats.?


Now I can?t say it hasn?t occurred to me before. For one ? the Apple Store is just one big glass symbol of Western Capitalism. Lots of glass ? perfect for a truck bomb to send shards of all sizes flying in all directions. Always dozens & dozen of people sitting & walking around enjoying the open space. The fountains. The view.
Lunch time especially.

I take a look at the two policemen with the dogs. Always wondered why they would have dogs. Now I know & voice it to my policeman friend.

?Bomb sniffing dogs??

?Notice how they approach the nice looking women with the shopping bags & backpacks??

As he said this ? that is just exactly what they did.

?Yeah. Nice looking women. They have a dog. Dogs attract women. Just looking to lightenup their day right??

?No. They want the dogs to get a sniff of the bags. That?s what they?re trained to do.?

?Yes. It won?t be some Arab looking guy in a panel truck. It?ll be a little ol? lady or nice looking girl. They won?t be obvious. ?

?And this is what?s going through your mind all day when your standing around out here??

?Pretty much.?
?Well thanks for keeping an eye out for us. ? I gotta go back inside & do some work.?

?Your welcome sir.?

As the elevator ascended I?m now rethinking whether or not 86 story round trips for a smoke are worth it.

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remember the autopub - was underground - had cars hanging from the ceiling & the booths were cars minus the roofs...........

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