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a quick how to flat jointed

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this is just a picture how to of how i make a flat jointed plug.

after you have your body all ready cut that puppy in half.

drill your threw wire hole and belly weights as you would do itf you are makeing a regular plug.

now you will need to drill two more holes in the cut section one on each side of your threw wire hole.
you will have to do this to bolth sides.

now that you have done that you will need to drill a small hole from the top of your plug and drill all the way to the bottom going threw all three holes.
and repeat on the other half.

ok seal prim and paint....

now that all is drilled out get some swivels and the tag end of some wire you have cutt off from other plugs you made and we will use that wire to run threw the swivels.

i do my threw wire first thant do the swivels..
it is a little tricky to get the wire past the threw wire but it can be done.

this is a pic of it befor i sealed so you get the idea.

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i dont use linseed lol....
you seal it after you doo all your drilling just as you would on a regular build..

you know that silly lol....;)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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