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Hi everyone. I'd like to start by thanking each and every one of you that have contributed to in general and to this board in particular. It is truly a pleasure to have you here.

Recently I have seen postings on one of our other boards relating to another internet site in a negative fashion... and I'd like to throw in my comments. This has stayed with me since it happened and so here goes:

I understand that it's seems almost natural to make some comparisons to other fishing forums that you might frequent, and I have no issues with that - hey this country was founded on the priciples of competition. But we do ask that you please refrain from such direct site-to-site comparisons in your posts and please do not bash either them or us here on

Aside from such specious and very much selective comparisons, we welcome ALL conversation, even if it is in reference to a topic at another forum. Hey, some topics transcend a single site (such as recent fisheries management changes for example).

Our ownership here on Noreast has always permitted such conversation ? and even goes so far as to allow the posted inclusion of hyperlinks to other ?for profit? sites ? something specifically NOT allowed on many if not most other fishing boards, thus... we feel we are the most truly open fishing community for all.

Also please note that it has been repeatedly alluded by some that because we have advertisers that pay the bills here on, that there will be limitations on "acceptable topics." If you have been here for any length of time you would have to agree that this site?s management has ALWAYS bent over backwards to give the most latitude possible to posters that have often made it their business to be confrontational, in both style and content. Only after the most provocative comments and as an absolute last resort has the banning function been utilized. Yet even then it frequently hasn?t been a site-wide ban, only a specific board banning. I believe that?s an outstanding example of the saint-like tolerance of both our management as well as our moderator team.

Its always been my understanding that one of the prime reasons that this site was created was to allow enormous freedom in your posts. You don't really have to be a lover, or "drink the company Kool-Aid" as they say. But what we do ask is that you post with the best possible intentions for our community here on

Masquerading destructive posts with mock concern for this site?s wellbeing is certainly not deemed constructive either to our membership or to our advertising base. It is for that reason that earlier this week a thread had to be removed not once, but twice ? resulting in yet another individual board banning for the offending party.

The truth is that we at do not view other internet fishing fora as competition. We do not ask for a blood oath of undying loyalty to our site... hey, feel free to be a member at every darn fishing forum on the internet! I know I read a bunch every single day.

We really aren't trying to compete or pull people away from anywhere... my goodness... you're all adults and these are only fishing forums. The way I see it has always been here for its members ? and is more than strong enough to generate an incredible daily ?hit count? from a truly huge membership. So please do not be misled by those that post selectively stilted statistics as some sort of ?proof? of this site?s alledged failings. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This site, in fact this specific board, is here for you and your wants and needs... so enjoy it as you like, as often as you'd like. Trust me, we'll always be here for you. Or put another way, by a famous person who's name escapes me at the moment: "The reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated!" We are as strong a site as ever - with the largest registered membership and the finest list of high-profile advertisers of any fishing site, anywhere on the Net!

Whether we have 10 members or ten million, I am very proud and yes honored, to be a part of the moderator team of this site. I do believe we have the most eclectic group of posters ever on any fishing site that I?ve ever read, that?s for sure. From forum veterans, to first time forum participants and everyone else along the way, its just incredible the amount of info that can be picked up here on every single day.

So anyway, I'm proud to see all of you here on the IT&T board, to read all of your posts every day and I am especially proud to be associated with the rest of our moderator team ? they work like **** to make this site the success it is, and do a darn good job of it, all things considered... And hey, along those lines did you happen to catch Steve's latest post on Ling fishing in the old days? Can that guy write, or what? Great stuff.

Now as to the direction of this board. This is actually the first time in over two weeks that I've been physically comfortable enough to sit at this desk and type out a post of any significant length. It hasn't been an easy road for me lately - plenty of stress all the way through. But I do see light at the end of the tunnel and am feeling a good deal better. Thank goodness for that!

In fact many of my close friends have very graciously volunteered to help me begin prepping the Leprechaun for the coming season this weekend. And guess what? I met many of them right here on Noreast. How could you knock a site that generates such good will amongst its members? Its just a mystery to me.

So I certainly hope to up my personal contribution to this board (And site in general) in the coming weeks and months and do hope that you are all as psyched as I am to get going with this coming season - pending regulations be darned! I've made a conscious decision not to let them get me down, and fully intend to make 2008 a GREAT year of fishing. I intend to find as many new ways to enjoy this sport as possible - and also to rediscover some "old school" techniques from the distant past that got me to where I am today.

And though I?ve said it many times before it sure bears repeating, Thank you all for being a part of the IT&T board here on and have a great evening.

I think you all are pretty terrific people.

Best, Lep

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How could you knock a site that generates such good will ...........

Lep. wrote:
I think you all are pretty terrific people!

and you ain't such a bad Moderator yourself there Pal !!!!!

We are glad to see that you are able to sit on you @$$ and type that long winded stuff that we so missed during your recovery period!
Welcome Back! it is good to have you here amongst us..........



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Great Job Pete!!!
Glad to see your ok and banging on the keys!!!

A few bad apples ruin the bunch.
Drives me nuts when there is a person that has a wealth of knowledge and comes off like a ahole, never wrong, their way is the only way and the right way, their ideas are what count....thats just not friendly or productive and scares away others from participating.

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well written indeed ! You are great lep! enjoy everyday life and we need to focus on making the best of it! you are absolutely right. I slip alot these days on my bent thinking and emotions .. i guess i lost a corporate job/benefits/no health ins. etc. all the man made bs and forget the righteousness and all the true good things God has given me. I must keep focused of the good things in life and give thanks for every minute everyday for being here! thank you for good instruction!

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Say lep, I want to delete that stupid topic about cramer(this is where i disappoint myself) when i post rubbish that is of no good to me or anyone for that matter! i will try and delete it..if you see any other dumb negative posts from all means delete em for me good buddy! I truely wish and hope for you a wonderful st.patricks and spring fishing! lets use the faith! praise for the spirit of the lord!
i want to keep a good attitude and happy thinking especially my time on the water!!

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Good morning Lep and others and I am just trying to catch up with all the posts and information within the NOREAST forums.

As Lep so eloquently stated, NOREAST is here to serve everyone looking for the finest and most diverse fishing information on the internet. The team of moderators here cover ever bit of the fishing scene from every aspect of fishing tackle, fishing techniques, fishery management, fishery issues to the fishing back in the day.

Lately it seems that the tenor and tone of some of the topics has pushed the bounds of free speech and expression and that is what Lep has illustrated in his post.

It is amazing that a site which is so diverse in information has more infighting at times that some of the Mixed Martial Arts sites on the internet. Every internet site has their 'hiccups' and of course with so many diverse views things can get pretty heated when certain topics are discussed.

Just remember one thing....Moderators like Pete, Kil, Paul, Mako Matt, Mako Mike, Capt. Neil, Reelfisher, Togmaster and the rest of the moderator crew are here to answer your questions, and it seems they are answered pretty promptly once you post them on the boards. I know myself and Pete probably will say the same thing, we get a number of PMs and some emails asking questions, and I know that I ANSWER EVERYONE to the best of my ability, and I bet the Pete and the others do the same thing.

It has been a frustrating winter with fishing slowing down during January and with the fishery regulations having everyone debating the many issues affecting the industry and how it will affect them this season. Combine this with a lackluster economy and the highest pump prices ALL OF US will pay this year, does have everyone on edge.

I have said over the last couple of days that NOREAST is an informational and entertaining site, and it should be used for that purpose. No site will have all the 'flavors' that will suit your tastes in fishing. The administrators here at NOREAST have tried to put together a group of moderators that come as close to this ideal as possible.

The key here to remember what Lep stated in his post....On NOREAST a wide latitude of free speech is given, and that you have to keep in mind that besides the members here who read the boards, people in the fishing industry, advertisers and people involved in fishery management and regulations read these boards too.

NOREAST is here to serve the members and it seems it has been doing a pretty decent job over the years in giving out the most up to date, informative, unique and varied views you can find.


Let?s keep the focus on fishing and not on the other nonsensical things that serve no purpose in making us either more aware of the fishing landscape, or helping us become better and consciences fishermen.

As usual Lep, this was definitely needed..........

To a great 2008 fishing season.

By the way the restaurant we talked about, I am holding my daughters Holy Communion party there.


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Great Job Pete,
Glad you're well enough to get back at it. And yes, this situation needed to be addressed. Too much negativity lately. But hey, I spend 2 days away in NJ to fish, and come home to a new Governor! So I guess lots of people have trouble behaving.

The real difference between Noreast, and some of the other sites I have visited, is that every time I get on a boat I meet a member. When you can put faces with a "screen name", it makes s difference. That along with the moderator team here at Noreast, is the reason I log on every morning before work, and every afternoon when I come home. Keep up the good work guys, lots of us appreciate it.
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