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Season for spawners ended about a week ago.

Well about a week ago was out for stripers got to one of my favorite haunts at about 9:45 put on the waders and was casting on the end of an incomming tide by 10 :15. I wasn't sure what to expect as the water temp was 63.5 and I wasn't seeing the usual occasional breaking fish.

It was the first night I actually was able to fish in a short sleeved shirt. It was overcast and downright pleasant out with quite a few fireflies already flashing on and off in the trees and over the water. On my fourth cast I had a 40 inch striper, cool to say the least! I had him in to the bank for a picture after a good long tug of war with some nice tail splashes exploding the water surface. After that is was all gravey.

With that luxury I switched flies for some experimenting, tried a gurgler for a while but the sink tip wasn't allowing it to work properly on top, I couldn't get it to gurgle with a hand strip I had to do it with the rod tip, then I tried a slider for a while and had the same problem, so I went back to the herring patterns and did get another tap that I missed.

On a side note I saw for the first time a couple of herons flying around at night, never seen that before.

Took a friend out with me just before the heat wave ended everything, he only has the use of one hand so he flyfishes with a 10' spey rod with a special Italian made reel that has a handle that he can pump with his fingers it looks like a hightech version of of those old Perrine & Martin spring lever automatics. Every pump retrieves line and I think it has an ajustable drag. Any way he hooked into a nice striper that busted off his 25 lb test leader, he was happy to say the least.

For anybody interested the reel is a Franco Vivarelli

Here are a couple of this seasons stripers on the 7wt.

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