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A few more Clove Lake questions...

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A few years ago in Clove Lake in the vacant spot that is through the woods on the other side of the waterfall there was a massive fish kill. The shores were full of VERY pale gray fish that appeared to be Bluegills. If it was a serious problem, the lake seems to have bounced back- since then I have landed too many Bluegills and Pumpkinseeds to count and a few REALLY nice Bullhead Catfish. What could have caused the kill? Strangely enough there were no dead Bass, Catfish, or Carp.
Question 2: Among the dead Sunfish were a few elongated gray fish. Could they be Minnows? I saw someone land a nice Catfish using a dead Minnow (Shiner) there a few years ago, (it may have been the same day we saw the fish kill !?) but in all my time fishing there I thought I would have landed a few. There was also a dead American Eel. Having fished with nothing but bread it's possible that they could have gone unnoticed, anyone have any ideas?
Any suggestions would help,

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